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About Us

SOULVEDA is probably the most ethical incense range on earth.

Soulveda gives consumers 100% traceability, transparency, and sustainability – a promise unprecedented and unparalleled. With fragrances that capture the essence of the elements of nature, Soulveda has everything to offer and nothing to hide. Every pack comes with a QR code, providing every detail about the product - from the procurement of raw materials to the process involved in its creation, and even introduces you to its maker. Handcrafted by women from tribal and rural India, every incense is a source of livelihood and empowerment, transforming lives and ushering positive change in society.

Soulveda is ethical and pure, in its intentions and ingredients.

The fragrances are sustainable, degradable, IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) and GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) complaint. EPCH ‘VRIKSH’ certification provides full traceability of the legally sourced bamboo and wood powder. The mono-carton recyclable packaging comes with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification that ensures procurement from verified and responsible sources. Soulveda from the House of Cycle is the world’s largest and the first Certified Zero Carbon manufacturer of incense and prayer essentials.

To us, everything matters. And that is why, we are showing you what we’re made of, at every step. Our passion for purity and authenticity meets your principles of ethics and earth care in one place.

It aligns with your informed decisions and conscious choices for a better future and a more sustainable world.